RAVA Can Remove the Smell of Tobacco Smoke!

fabrics, clothing, bedding, furniture upholstery, carpet and auto interiors

Eliminate Smoke Odor at the Source

Eliminate Smoke Odor at the Source

RAVA is easy to use and efficient in the removal of tobacco smoke. With the help of RAVA Odor Control, you'll be able to attack odor at the source and easily eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke from:

  • fabrics
  • clothing
  • bedding
  • furniture upholstery
  • carpet
  • auto interiors

Simply choose your fragrance and spray directly onto whatever surface you want the smoke smell removed from! RAVA is over 95% food grade and has natural extracts and cold processed enzymes that work to eliminate odors at the source.

Our product can already be found in many Tobacco Smoke Shops and produce excellent margins and sales results. Customers love RAVA and you can rest assured knowing that your customers will be coming back for more every time. Contact us for direct or distributor pricing and display options.