RAVA Eliminates Odor at the Source


Text: Simply choose your fragrance and spray directly onto whatever surface you want the unwanted odor removed from! RAVA is over 95% food grade and has natural extracts and cold processed enzymes that work to eliminate odors at the source. Great for pet odors, gym bags and shoes, cigarette and wood smoke, auto interiors and more!

Stop Throwing Your Money Away On Inferior Cleaners

USA GREEN LLC in Nampa, ID, sells the best cleaners

Contact USA GREEN LLC to buy residential, commercial and automotive cleaners that actually work instead of settling for the watered-down versions available on the market. We first formed with the goal of developing and marketing greener, more efficient products and have since grown a reputation for superior cleaners.

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We make and blend products for different markets

We make and blend products for different markets

Based in Nampa, ID, we got our start in the automotive industry, developing formulas for the first multi-use/multi-surface car wash concentrate, and launched EH5 to rental car companies and major car washes. We then began developing residential and commercial cleaners and deodorizers, including:

  • Aqueous Oil & Grease Cutter
  • Ready to Use RAVA Odor Eliminator
  • Aqueous Oil & Grease Cutter Concentrate
  • Commercial Restaurant Hood Filter Soak
  • RAVA Odor Eliminator Concentrate Unbelievable Stain & Odor Remover